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Indoor Cats Vs Outdoor Cats: Know the Difference

Will your kitten be an indoor or an outdoor cat?

By understanding her natural instincts, you can make sure she has a happy life wherever she roams.

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Natural Territory

In the wild, the territory of a big cat is usually divided into a small home range, with a wider hunting range beyond. Your house will be your kitten’s home range. If your kitten stays inside, her wider range will extend up to the limits of where she can go. If she goes outside, this wider range may bigger than you think! In this case, her territory will be determined by the availability of food, and the territories of other cats.

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Outdoor Kittens

If you have an outdoor kitten, your little hunter will have no shortage of stimulation. She’ll set up her own territory, using trees and other vantage points to patrol it, and scratches and scent to mark it.

While it’s true that this environment – which offers your kitten natural opportunities for hunting, climbing and exploring – can sometimes be dangerous, remember that your kitten has a powerful survival instinct. So even if she's out and about a lot, don’t worry!

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Identification

If you’re going to let your cat outside, make sure you fit her with an elasticated collar and name tag. Also, speak to your vet about getting her micro-chipped – this will help identify her in the unlikely event your kitten gets lost.

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Unusual Events

Thunderstorms, fireworks and loud parties can all be scary for a little kitten. If you know events like these are happening in your area, keep your feline friend safe and secure inside.

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Hazards at Home

Keeping your kitten inside means you don’t have to worry about the outside world. All the same, your little indoor adventurer get can still get into trouble! Inquisitive kittens just love to explore things like fireplaces, chimneys, unsecured windows, hobs, washing machines and tumble driers. Make sure you check such places regularly and, if you can, keep them closed when they're not in use.

Indoor Kitten Vs Outdoor Kitten Keeping your Kitten Entertained

Indoor kittens need plenty of stimulation. That way they can follow their natural instincts for playing and hunting. Make sure your kitten has plenty of toys, a good scratching post, places to climb, and a spotless litter tray.

For the latest on COVID-19, visit the official Government website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za
For the latest on COVID-19, visit the official Government website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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