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Tricks and Treats for a More Loving Cat

Cats are independent and full of personality, that’s why we love them. But we can’t deny that as humans, we have to try a little harder to get them to love us back.

So, when your feline friend is being extra affectionate you might want to reward them with a Crunchy Trio, it’s a special treat from the new Whiskas Care and Treat range.

Look out for these magic Meow Moments and make sure to give your kitty a treat when they happen.

The Slow Blink

When your cat stares into your eyes and gives you that long, slow blink, they’re actually saying “I love you.” Let them know you love them too with a little nibble from Whiskas Care and Treat range. Kneading Your Knees

Have you noticed your cat kneading your legs as they’re lying on your lap? Cats actually learnt to do this when they were kittens and feeding from their moms. So, if your cat is kneading you, they’re showing that they appreciate the care you give them – and that’s worthy of a tasty treat.

Sparing the Couch

Cats have minds of their own so it’s important to treat them when they make more thoughtful decisions. For example, if your precious kitten chooses to use a scratching post instead of ripping up your couch, give them a treat to reinforce this behaviour.

The Mark

When your cat rubs their head on your legs, they’re marking you with their scent. They’re basically saying: “Hey, this is my human,” and that kind of loyalty should definitely be rewarded.

Good Litterbox Conduct

Cats aren’t as easy to train as their canine counterparts, but positive reinforcement can help encourage good behaviour. If your cat uses their litterbox without flinging debris all over the floor, let them know they’re doing a good job with a treat.

Pick up some Crunchy Trio treats, available in Poultry and Seafood Flavours from the new Whiskas Care and Treat range and keep the Meow Moments coming.

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For the latest on COVID-19, visit the official Government website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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